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Threat of Harm



Active Shooter/Assault/Intruder/Hostage/Weapon

These materials offer a starting point when addressing possible school violence, but are not intended to be a script or to be implemented in rote fashion. At all times it is expected that school personnel will use professional judgment in assessing and addressing potential threats to safety. It is essential to use “warning signs” and other materials responsibly.

Staff actions:

 Initiate lockdown procedures/barricade door, if possible.

 If not in an area that can be secured, runout of the building and as far as you can to a safe location.

 If lockdown and running away are not possible, attempt to disrupt or incapacitate the person causing harm (this is a last resort.)


 Call 911, Superintendent, District Support Team.

 Attempt to determine:

1. Location of the threat and number of persons involved.

2. Physical description of persons in harm.

3. Number and type of any weapon being used.

 Document actions and complete incident reports.