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Hinting, writing, or talking about suicide is a call for help and must be taken seriously. When confronted with a situation in which life-threatening behavior is present, immediate mobilization of all appropriate resources is paramount. Under such conditions, commitment to student confidentiality is superseded by the need to initiate lifesaving intervention(s.)

The following classifications offer three (3) levels of suicide risk with students:

1) Suicide Threat or Ideation 2) Suicide Attempt at School 3) Suicide Completion

Suicide Attempt at School

In the event of an actual suicide attempt:

Staff actions:

 Notify principal.

 Ensure the short-term physical safety of the student.

Principal/Designee, Counselor:

 Call 911, District Support Team, Central Office.

 School nurse, counselor or other staff administer first aid until emergency responders arrive, if necessary.

 The student will be kept in the constant presence of an adult until emergency responders arrive (child shall not be left alone at any time.)

 The principal (or other designated professional) will communicate with the appropriate school personnel, parents/guardians, and counselors.

 Document all actions taken on behalf of the student (i.e., referrals, phone contacts, follow-up activities, etc.)