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Immediate Actions:

 Call 911.

 Call the Poison Control Center Hotline 1-800-222-1222

 Administer first aid as directed by Poison Control Center

 Notify principal.  Utilize building personnel with knowledge of poisonous materials, first aid and training, etc. using Safety Data Sheet (SDS.)

 Seek additional medical help, if needed

 School official must notify parents/guardians.

 In the event of a staff member who has been poisoned, school officials should notify spouse or emergency contact.

 Document actions and complete incident reports.

Preventative Measures

 Keep poisonous materials in a locked and secure location.

 Post the Poison Control center emergency number in the front office, school clinic, etc.

 Post the names of the building personnel who have special paramedic, first aid training, or other special lifesaving or life-sustaining training.

 Provide staff with information on possible poisonous materials in the building.

 Make sure the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are present.