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Missing Person



Staff actions:

 Notify principal with description of missing person and description of suspect, if known.

 Move other children (if present) away from area. Principal/Designee:

 Call 911.

 Notify District Support Team, Central Office.

 Contact the family of the missing to establish a communications plan.

 Assemble the appropriate Emergency Response Team members to manage the crisis.

 If the incident occurs during the school day, classroom routine should be maintained.

 Conduct immediate search of school building and grounds.

 Provide a picture and obtain a full description of the missing person (including clothing) to assist the police.

 In cases of kidnapping/abduction, obtain a description of the suspect from witnesses.

 When the person is found, contact the appropriate parties as needed.

 Prepare an outline of the situation for staff; give factual information, as appropriate, to allow them to respond to students’ questions.

 Prepare an appropriate notice (preferably in writing) for parents/guardians.

 If appropriate, arrange for counseling assistance for students.

 Call emergency staff meeting, if necessary.

 Document actions and complete incident reports.