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Gas Leak


All school personnel, including cafeteria managers and custodians, report any suspected gas leak to the principal immediately.


Staff actions:

 Notify principal.

 Move students from the immediate vicinity of danger.



 Call 911, District Support Team.

 If the gas leak is internal, implement evacuation procedures. Refrain from lighting matches or candles, and do not turn off/on electrical switches/equipment including cell phones. (Electrical sparks can trigger an explosion.)

 Notify gas company.

 Determine whether to move to an alternate location.

 If extended stay outdoors is during inclement weather, contract transportation to provide to transport students to partner school or shelter students on buses.

 Do not re-enter the building until being given permission to do so by emergency personnel.

 If the gas leak is external, all students and staff should remain in the buildings; any students or staff outside should initiate reverse evacuation or follow Shelter in Place (seal off windows and doors ) until further instructions are received.

 Document actions and complete incident reports.