Rowan County Schools
Hygiene drive for Morehead Build-A-Bed Project
Middle School
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This year our school will be partnering with the Morehead Build-A-Bed Project to collect items for their hygiene kits. The kits are given to students when they receive their beds in April.  Last year, RCMS donated over three hundred items.  According to Helisha Tuerk, the project coordinator, that was 80 percent of the total donations!  The hygiene drive will start on February 3, and it will go through the end of the month.  If each homeroom teacher will collect items from their homeroom students, it would be greatly appreciated.  Each class that has more than 25 items donated will receive popsicles, and the class that collects the highest number of items above 50 will receive a pizza party!  Thank you for your support.

Stacie May and Wendy Pack