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Open Records Requests

In accordance with the Kentucky Open Records Law1, it shall be the policy of the Board to make accessible to the public those public records identified in KRS 61.872 as available for public inspection. Inspection may be made during the regular office hours of the custodian of the records and/or under the conditions and restrictions specified in KRS 61.872. Citizens may, upon written application and as specified in KRS 61.872‑ KRS 61.884, make abstracts, memoranda, and obtain copies of records which are available to the public. Inspection of records shall be made under the supervision of the custodian of the records or his delegate, and copies shall be made only by properly authorized District employees.



The title, mailing address, email address and telephone number of the official custodian of records

Michael Rowe, Superintendent

551 Viking Drive

Morehead, KY 40351

(606) 784-8928



The fees charged for copies; •

10 cents per page plus postage. Fees must be paid in advance in cash or by money order.

If a public agency is asked to produce a record in a format other than the format in which it maintains the record, or to tailor the format to meet a request, the agency may, but is not required to, provide the requested format. The agency may then recover staff costs as well as any actual costs it incurs. KRS 61.874(3).




The procedures to be followed in requesting public records, including whether the public records custodian requires an application and the method of delivery under KRS 61.872(2);

Public agencies may not condition access to public records on the use of a specific form. Although a public agency must accept the Attorney General’s standardized form used to request to inspect public records, it may not deny a request on the basis that the request is not submitted on the standardized form.


Form for requesting public records that has been developed and published by the Attorney General.

We are required to post the following.

Click this link to download a copy of the Request to Inspect Public Records that has been developed and published by the Attorney General.