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Cyber/Electronic Threat



Staff actions:

 Report issue to principal/law enforcement (this includes report of sexting.)

 Preserve message, image or media on the original electronic device.

 Secure the electronic device.

Remember, you may not search electronic devices without owner permission or a court order.



Principal or Designee actions:

Evaluate level of cyber threat with school technology coordinator and law enforcement.

Level One: Not highly inflammatory. Generally, the incident can be solved in-house (most cyber-bullying, etc.)

Level Two: A student or staff member is in danger of harm (highly emotional issue, repeat offender, sexting, hit list, threat of bodily harm, etc.)

 Depending upon the severity, call 911, District Support Team and law enforcement.

 Conduct investigation and determine all those involved.

 Notify parents/guardians of involved students.

 Document actions and complete incident reports.