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MYDC fundraiser Location
Morehead Youth Development Center

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Our kids are doing a fundraiser and its a great deal for family pictures.  All the details are included and if anyone has any questions please call us.  Thanks.  We have to sell 50 packages to secure our spot.


$10.00 a ticket!!!!! The weekend of March 27th the Knickerbocker folks will be here on campus! Super excited about this great money maker for our rec fund. They are mailing me the tickets/info today. Just wanted to get everyone thinking about how much this could help our rec fund and be a great $10.00 gift for your families. All ticket profits will go to MYDC-the Knickerbocker people make their money if they sell picture packages to the ticket buyers but there is no obligations to make any additional purchases. Depending on how many tickets we sell will determine how many photo days they will be here so I will let everyone know when I do.  They are guaranteed delivery by Easter and will have Easter/Spring themes in addition to their Vintage Knickerbockers and various other props/themes and backgrounds as well. If you are interested let me know J


Tonya Norris, Lead Teacher

Morehead Youth Development Center School

495 Forest Hills Drive

Morehead, KY 40351

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