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Bus Accident



Each school should maintain a bus folder (hard copy and/or digital) for each bus serving the school. This folder should contain rosters, including an emergency telephone number for each student assigned to ride the bus. The teacher in charge of a special activity should prepare trip bus folders, one copy of the student manifest should be placed in the trip folder and a second copy should accompany the teacher on the trip (this procedure can be housed digitally allowing for immediate access and accountability using the district’s intranet.)

Bus drivers should have designated procedures for handling emergency situations. The following protocol is intended to outline steps to be taken by school personnel should an accident occur.

In the event of a Bus Accident:

Staff at the scene:

 Call 911, if warranted.

 Notify principal, bus garage.

 School staff at the scene of a bus accident will help to implement basic first aid until emergency medical services and/or law enforcement arrives and takes charge of the emergency.

 School staff at the scene of a bus accident will move all uninjured students to a location that is a safe distance from the accident.

 The names of all injured students will be provided to the principal.

Principal or Designee actions:

 Notify District Support Team.

 Ascertain the names of any injured students and the nearest location of any medical treatment facility and document.

 Parents/guardians of all students on the bus will be notified as quickly as accurate information is available.

 Designated school representative will proceed to medical treatment facility to which an injured student has been taken to assist parents/guardians and to provide support to students, as appropriate.

 Document actions and complete incident reports.