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Assessment of Threat



At all times, it is expected that school personnel will use professional judgment in assessing and addressing potential threats to safety. It is essential to use “warning signs” and other materials responsibly. The assessment of “warning signs” offer an opportunity to help maintain school safety by identifying and referring individuals who need help. This is not intended to encourage school-wide student profiling, labeling, or stigmatizing.

In the event of an IMMEDIATE danger:

 Call Law Enforcement or 911.

 Take immediate action to secure or isolate individual posing a threat, and prevent access to potential weapons, if known.

 Take immediate action to move others from harm’s way.

 Determine whether to implement lockdown.

If “warning signs” are observed, but there is not an imminent risk:

 Have individual or team observing “warning signs” complete a Threat Assessment Referral Form.

 Activate appropriate members of the Emergency Response Team.

 Interview the individual of concern (employ the use of a trained counselor.)

 Call 911, if necessary.  Notify the superintendent, District Support Team and District Pupil Personnel.

 Contact parents/guardians and obtain a release of information to exchange between agencies.

 Make an immediate referral to a trained “Mental Health Care” professional, if warranted.

 Develop an action plan according to the determined level of risk.

 Document referrals, actions taken, follow-up plans, etc.