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Allergic Reaction



Possible symptoms:

Skin irritation or itching, rash, hives, nasal itching or sneezing, localized swelling, swollen tongue, restlessness, sweating, fright, shock, shortness of breath, vomiting, cough, hoarseness.

Staff First Actions:

 If imminent risk, call 911.

 Notify principal and school nurse.

 Send for immediate help (first aid, CPR, medical) and medication kit (for known allergies.)

 Assist in getting “Epi pen” (Epinephrine) for individuals who need them, and prescription medications (usually kept in office.)

 Keep student/employee comfortable and move only for safety reasons.

Principal or Designee actions:

 Call 911, depending on circumstances.

 Notify parents/guardians immediately. Document person contacted, time and method of contact.

 If appropriate, administer medication, by order of a doctor; apply ice pack to affected area, keep victim warm.

 Observe for respiratory difficulty.

 Record time and site of insect sting or food ingested, name of medicine, dosage and time administered (take photo of area, if appropriate.)

 Document actions and complete incident reports.