Invitation to Bid

ROWAN COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION will receive sealed bids for the Rodburn Elementary Addition & Renovation in Morehead, Kentucky. Bids will be opened July 14, 2022 at 2:00 pm (local time), at a public bid opening at Rodburn Elementary, 91 Christy Creek, Morehead, KY. Bids must be received by the designated date and time and none will be considered thereafter. Bidders are invited to be present for the opening of the bids submitted.


The PRE-BID CONFERENCE will be held on June 21, 2022 at 2:00 pm at RODBURN ELEMENTARY located at 91 Christy Creek, Morehead, KY.


Project Description: The project will consist of HVAC replacement and associated renovation and a 4-room classroom addition to the existing Rodburn Elementary School located 91 Christy Creek, Morehead, KY. Alternate bids will also be accepted as described in the bidding documents and section 01800 Alternates. The detailed language specific to the bid package is located in section 01900 of the project manual.


Bids Requested:








Packs + Walker LLC is the Construction Manager for this project, acting as an agent for the Rowan County Board of Education, and acting on the owner's behalf in soliciting your proposal. Each successful bidder shall execute a contract directly with the owner and not with the Construction Manager.


A FREE digital downloadable set of plans and specifications are available at Lynn Imaging in Lexington, KY (contact or call (800) 888-0693). ALL BIDDERS MUST REGISTER BY DOWNLOADING THE PLANS WITH LYNN IMAGING. BIDS FROM UNREGISTERED BIDDERS WILL NOT BE RECEIVED. A complete set of hard copy bid documents are also available at Lynn Imaging. Contractors may purchase hardcopy sets at their own expense and only complete sets of bid documents will be issued.


Plans and specifications may also be examined at the following locations:


· Office of the Architect: Ross Tarrant Architects, 101 Old Lafayette Ave., Lexington, KY

· Office of the Construction Manager: Packs + Walker LLC, 200 Apperson Heights Suite 200, Mt. Sterling, KY and 75 Baldridge Road, Morehead, KY

· Owner: Rowan County Board of Education, 551 Viking Drive, Morehead, KY


Proposal forms must be properly filled out and submitted as one original copy. No qualifying letters or statements will be considered. Submitted bids may not be withdrawn for a period of sixty (60) days after the bid opening date.


Each proposal shall be accompanied by a cashier’s or certified check (made payable to ROWAN COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION), or bid bond, executed by the bidder and surety company, IN THE SUM OF NOT LESS THAN FIVE PERCENT (5%) OF THE AMOUNT OF THE BID PROPOSAL. The bid security is required as a guarantee that if the proposal is accepted a contract will be immediately entered into and the performance of it properly secured. In the event the bidder to whom the contract is awarded fails to execute a satisfactory contract and bond, he shall be eliminated and shall forfeit his certified check, cash or his bid bond and shall be liable for the loss occasioned by the owner by such failure. Any bid which is not received on a timely basis or in the proper form shall be returned unopened.


The owner reserves the right to waive informalities, and to reject any and all bids received, and to select that bid which it determines to be in its best interest. The award of this bid will be made on the basis of the lowest bid price as permitted in KRS 45A.365.

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