Test to Stay Program at Rowan County Schools


Rowan County School District has partnered with Ethos Laboratories (Newport, KY) to create a COVID-19 testing program that will ensure a safe return to school. This is a completely voluntary program that is supported by the State so there is no cost to you or the school district. We politely request that you enroll your children in this program to help accomplish the following goals for a successful school year:

  1. Safe in person learning environment for the entire school year
  2. Minimize the need to quarantine children at home for extended periods of time
  3. Minimize absentee days due to COVID-19 for both teachers and students

By participating in this program, you will help us achieve our goals and keep our kids safe for in person learning throughout the year. Below is the link for you to enroll your children in this program with the instructions attached.


Please take time to create an account and register your child. Should you choose to participate, you will have the ability to unenroll your child from the program at any time. Active enrollment in the program will mean that your child is eligible for being tested by Ethos Laboratories as part of the district testing program. Positive cases will be handled by each school and you will be notified if your child tests positive, or was a close contact to a positive case.

By opting into this program there may be an opportunity to participate in a "test to stay" program if the state chooses to implement such a structure. If your child is not part of this program, they would not be eligible for testing, and would be likely be required to quarantine at home for the State's recommended period of time. Our goal is to maximize participation in this program to give us the best opportunity to identify active infections early and prevent widespread outbreaks. This will lead to more consistent attendance days for your child and minimize any COVID-19 related absences for all students and staff. As always, we respect your decision and appreciate your ongoing support and participation as we strive to accomplish our goal of more in person learning days this school year.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at (606)784-8928 ext 2020.






Renee Smith

Director of Nursing & District Health Services Rowan County Schools

551 Viking Drive

Morehead, KY 40351

(606)784-8928 ext 2020

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