District Services

Last Updated: 3/30/2020 6:17 PM

District and School Improvement Plans

District Assurances (updated 12/30/2019)

Superintendent Gap Assurances (updated 12/30/2019)

District CDIP/ Strategy Map (updated 12/30/2019)

Rowan County Senior High School CSIP (updated 1/2/2020)

Rowan County Middle School CSIP

McBrayer Elementary CSIP (updated 1/2/2020)

Rodburn Elementary  CSIP (updated 1/2/2020)

Clearfield Elementary  CSIP (updated 1/2/2020)

Tilden Hogge CSIP


Title 1 2019-2020 School Assurances


Rodburn School Assurance 2019-2020

Tilden Hogge School Assurance 2019-2020

McBrayer School Assurance 2019-2020

Clearfield School Assurance 2019-2020


Title 1 Parent Notification Regarding Certification 

Parent Notification Regarding Certification & Licensure Status of a Teacher


Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy

Title 1 Rowan County Schools Parent Involvement Policy

Title I Reports

Clearfield Title I Report 19-20

McBrayer Title I Report 2019-20

Rodburn Title I Report 2019-2020

Tilden Hogge Title I Report 2019-20

School Report Cards

https://www.kyschoolreportcard.com/organization/5659             District

https://www.kyschoolreportcard.com/organization/53144           Clearfield

https://www.kyschoolreportcard.com/organization/53737           McBrayer

https://www.kyschoolreportcard.com/organization/54037           Rodburn

https://www.kyschoolreportcard.com/organization/54224           Tilden Hogge

https://www.kyschoolreportcard.com/organization/54047           Middle School

https://www.kyschoolreportcard.com/organization/54049           High School



Evaluation Forms

Certified Evaluation Plan 

Classified Evaluation Form


Online Payroll Check Advice: keeisestub

Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures Quick Reference Guide