I can’t begin to express the sorrow we are feeling over the multiple recent tragedies in our system that has made our hearts heavy.  Sadly our Clearfield 3rd grader, Cameron Mancini, lost his battle with cancer on Saturday.  The love that Clearfield’s staff and students showed Cameron spilled over into our entire district, and I know that we are all lifting up his family at this difficult time.  I am sure they know that we continue to be there for them.  Another family faced with tragedy has requested that we do not use their names, and I will respect their wishes; but I do hope they know that their school family is here to help in any way we can.

 Congratulations to Tilden Hogge who has been selected as a recipient of a 2013 Target Field Trip Grant!  This $750 grant can be used in the spring to help pay for field trips.

 As I begin this week’s Review, let me preface it by saying, “Yes, we DID do more than eat that last full week of school!”  Although food did play an integral part after hours!

 Several of our principals and administrators recently traveled to Lexington to be a part of KEDC’s Instructional Gap Summit; and from what I hear it was a success!  Over 260 school leaders came together from across the state to talk about strategies, ideas, and plans for improving student achievement.  Our mission is to lead our schools to greatness, and sharing ideas with each other and other successful districts is a great step in doing this.

 As always, Bev Gilliam (principal) called on her family of chefs (especially her husband, David) to prepare their Christmas feast for her Rodburn staff.  I told him I would buy the restaurant if he wanted to do the cooking.  It was a delicious meal, and it is always rewarding to see a staff come together to enjoy each other’s company outside of the school day.

 Pam Angel (preschool secretary) decided they needed to add to their festive holiday atmosphere and have a door decorating contest.  They say they had a lot of fun competing against each other and brought in the impartial “3 L’s” to judge the doors.  I went over to take a look and surely did not envy them their job; because the doors were GREAT!  The judges obviously took their job very seriously; because they sealed the envelopes and made Pam shred the ballots while they were there.  Now I’m not saying that Pam tried to take a peek, but I heard that she was holding a light bulb up to the envelope to try and see the winner.  However, the savvy judges had written lightly with a pencil and had folded the announcement so that the secret was kept until the announcement was made at their Christmas dinner.  Congratulations to the winner of the door contest with their theme of “The Grinch Arm” made by Pam Angel and Millie Taylor and to Amanda Callahan and Elizabeth Hutchinson that took 2nd place with their “Elf in the City”.  I have a feeling that this idea may continue to grow and that the teachers may already be planning for next year’s contest.

 I am especially proud when our students do things to give back.  Recently Kayla Adams, Kayla Farthing, Caitlin Crump (seniors), and Samantha Rowley (junior) worked at the Soup Kitchen to help prepare and serve food to members of our community.  They are members of HOSA, and Tony Pecco said he had never seen girls work any harder.  They were a joy to be around and their efforts were certainly appreciated.  

 The Tilden Hogge staff gathered one evening at Cracker Barrel to celebrate the season together and invited me to join them for a time of fun and relaxation.  It’s always good to get together to celebrate the TRUE meaning of Christmas with friends!  

 Amy Keller (RCMS 6th grade social studies teacher) should be very proud and fulfilled from her latest innovative endeavor.   She had her 1st art night at school thinking only 5 or so kids would actually stay.  Well, she had almost 40!!!  They had so many they had to move to the cafeteria.  They painted Christmas trees and had a blast!   The kids (and Amy) LOVED it!!!   Great job!

 Our 4th month attendance is in, and in spite of a recent bout with a stomach virus Clearfield, McBrayer, Tilden Hogge, and RCMS all met our 95% attendance goal!  Congratulations to Clearfield who led the pack with 95.95%! 


Nadine Griffith treated the RCSHS office staff to a delicious homemade breakfast on that last Friday morning.  We all know what an excellent cook Nadine is and she surely did not disappoint.  It was outstanding!

 Each year School and District Report Cards are posted on the Kentucky Department of Education’s (KDE's) website. Not to be confused with student report cards, these Report Cards provide information about each school and district, including test performance, teacher qualifications, student safety, parent involvement and much more.  Please explore the link to view or download the current school and district report cards or to understand more about Kentucky's School Report Card Project.   http://applications.education.ky.gov/SRC/  If you are unable to view your child’s school report card, a copy can be printed for you.  Please contact Mike Mathews Title I Coordinator at 784-8928.

 On December 12, Terry Lewis’s (RCSHS) world government students had an opportunity to visit the Veterans' Museum and Veterans' Memorial Wall here in Morehead.  American Legion members—Luther Adams, Ronnie Brooks, Lloyd Dean, Charles Gilley, Danny Knipp, and Claude Meade—shared their knowledge and memories of their military experience with his freshmen students.  These students were able to learn about the influence and impact of local residents to not only our community's past, but their influence and impact on America's past and the world's past as well.  

 His students learned of Dough Boys, Women Army Corp (WAC), differences of uniforms, weapons, documents, gear, different branches of service, and much more.  All of this helped illustrate the work they have been doing in class in a more real and tangible manner.  Instilling a sense of citizenship and civic responsibility within our students is one of the goals of this class.  Their field trip was an excellent way to aide in reaching that goal.  From this visit, the students will have writing experiences back in their classroom that will be an excellent combination of real world and inspired writings. 

The museum is a very impressive body of work that stems mainly from the passion and dedication of the above mentioned American Legion members and others in the community.  It truly represents our community well.  When you walk through the displays at the museum, you can almost hear the Andrew Sisters sing Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy or the crackle of the radio while President Roosevelt addressed the nation or the hum of factories back home or the explosion of artillery overseas in places most will only read about.  The ugliness and reality of war along with the beauty of peace, family, and tradition are all there at the museum.  For any readers who may not have had the opportunity to visit the Veterans' Museum down at Freedom Park, you should make arrangements to do so.  Terry’s students got to spend just under two class periods there, but they could have spent an entire day taking it all in. Terry says his students got to touch history. On behalf of his students, Terry thanks these gentlemen, who have not only had a role in protecting our way of life, but who took time to share their experiences and knowledge with them. 

 Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

 Relationship Builders

 Pam Angel (RCPC secretary) would like to thank everyone at RCPC/EEC and Central Office for being so patient and understanding after her surgery.  She said she had more trouble than expected afterwards, and it took longer to recover than she expected; but everyone at RCPC/EEC pitched in and did what needed to be done so she could recover without worry.  Mr. Moore and CO staff loaned her Diane Bowman whenever Pam needed to go home or couldn’t make it in because she would have a relapse.  Child count for preschool takes place in November, so it is an extremely busy month; but preschool and kindergarten staff never complained and neither did central office when she asked if Diane could cover for her.  She appreciates all their support and FINALLY feels she is on her way to recovery.  Pam says she doesn’t think they understand how much answering a phone, signing in a student, or sacrificing Diane at central office really helped, but these “Relationship Builders” meant the world to Pam!

 Preschool sends “Relationship Builders” to Linda Hamm, Lucy Moore, and Lois Tackitt for taking their time to judge their Christmas doors and to Glen Teager for helping develop the judging sheet.  The staff had a lot of fun decorating the doors and getting their students in the Christmas spirit.  The kids loved looking at the doors and picking their favorites and the preschool staff loved having people drop in just to look at their doors because they heard they had a contest going on!!  Such fun! 

 My “Relationship Builders” go to Larry Coldiron, Brian Riddle, and Brian Wallace (our 3 outgoing board members) for their commitment—a total of 36 years—to our school system!   Every time you see one of these men I hope you will give them a big pat on the back and tell them how much we have appreciated everything they have sacrificed.  I can truly say that every decision each of them have made was based on what was best for our kids!


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