Dear Rowan County Colleagues,


I am collecting personal stories from individuals affected by Governor Bevin’s Pension Plan. My plan is to collect the stories into one document and then mail them to every Senator and Representative in Kentucky, including our Governor. The goal is to personalize the put a face to the pleas, the heartaches, and the cries for this plan to be stopped. Please consider sharing your story in hopes that someone, somewhere will be touched and reconsider not supporting this bill that will ultimately cripple our education system. 


Each story, from faculty and staff, should be no more than 350 words, typed, addressed Dear Legislator, and signed with your name, title, district, and email address. Stories should convey how the Pension Plan, as written, will affect you, your job, and your family. Remember to speak from the heart, but use your head. Be professional and courteous, but precise. Anything other than that is detrimental to our purpose. We want them to hear us, not ignore us. 


Please email your story to me at


I will be collecting them through Sunday, November 26, after Thanksgiving. Feel free to share this email and request to anyone outside our district as well. 


Thank you,


Allison Slone

Rowan Co. Middle School

Special Education Teacher


2015-2017 Hope Street Group Ky. State Teacher Fellow 

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