October is Anti-Bullying Awareness Month

Lean On Me, STOP the Bullying

The Kentucky General Assembly, during the 2014 legislative session, passed Senate Bill 20 declaring October as Anti-Bullying Awareness Month, which is intended to highlight the harmful consequences of bullying. In this bill, the designation of a purple and yellow support ribbon as the anti-bullying symbol started with a grassroots effort from students at Madison County Middle School.


Kentucky Center for School Safety encourages schools across the commonwealth to merge this observance with Kentucky Safe Schools Week, which is held the week of Oct. 19-25. The theme for this year’s anti-bullying awareness week is “Lean On Me; STOP the Bullying!”


During this week, all Kentuckians will be urged to improve the safety of our schools by educating students, staff and community members about current issues such as connectivity, social well-being, bullying, cyber-bullying, conflict and self-harm. Connectivity in a welcoming school environment can be nurtured and improved through various activities, lessons and professional development. The concept of students connecting with school staff is essential for a learning environment. Treating others as one wants to be treated goes back to basic kindness and respect.


As always, we have our pledge campaign this year.  We had over 95,000 students and adults take the pledge last year and we are hoping to get over 100,000 this year.  Go to www.kycss.org/leanpledge/index.php and take the “Lean On Me” pledge.  This pledge encourages students to LEAN, meaning they will:


Lean on others in school when they need help and allow others to lean on them;

Excel at treating all students and staff how they want to be treated;

Achieve relationships with adults in their school so they will feel safe;

Notice and report when another person needs help.


Let’s work together to STOP the Bullying!

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