3-Star Rating

Kentucky’s school districts have now made the transition into the Commonwealth’s new redesigned accountability system, a system that has brought with it many changes, but has also helped to reinforce the need for continued improvements from the school level to the state level.


Schools and districts receive accountability scores from Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress or KPREP tests that were administered this past spring.    Scores from the redesigned accountability system are based on multiple academic indicators such as:

  • Proficiency (student performance on reading and mathematics tests)
  • Separate Academic Indicator (student performance on science, social studies and writing tests)
  • Growth (based on improvements in reading and mathematics scores)
  • Transition readiness (high school only this year)
  • Graduation rate (high school only)

NOTE: English language learners’ attainment of English language proficiency is also part of the Growth Indicator as well as the Transition Readiness Indicator.


The newest component of the Commonwealth’s redesigned accountability system, the star-rating system, was put into place this year as each school throughout the Commonwealth has now received a rating from one star (lowest) to five stars (highest.) All schools in the Rowan County School District were awarded a 3-Star rating.


Last year, four of the District’s schools were labeled as TSI, denoting schools that were in need of some improvement.  (This year that label has been changed to ATSI (Additional Targeted Support and Improvement.) This year, due to the substantial gains made in accountability, none of the District’s schools earned the ATSI ranking or the lower ranking of CSI.


“We are certainly proud that all of our schools have received a 3-Star rating and none of our schools were ranked as ATSI.  I believe that this represents all the hard work that our principals and our staff are doing to ensure that our students were prepared for testing, but, more importantly, our staff was preparing our students to attain the skills they need to be college and career ready,” said Superintendent John Maxey. 


Districts and schools receive an Overall score as well as a score in each of the indicators of the KPREP system.  At the elementary school and middle school level, the schools are scored in Proficiency, Separate Academic Indicator, and Growth indicators.  The indicators that make up the accountability score at the high schools are Proficiency, Separate Academic Indicator, Transition Readiness and Graduation Rate.  The overall scores for the schools, in alphabetical order, are listed in the chart below.



















At the high school level this year, districts will be scored on a student’s readiness to transition to successful adult life.  Transition Readiness includes earning a high school diploma by meeting/exceeding the Kentucky minimum requirements to graduate high school.  Students will also be expected to meet the requirements of either academic readiness or career readiness, which include, for academic readiness, meeting the benchmarks determined by the Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE) on a college admissions exam OR, for career readiness, meeting the benchmarks on Industry Certification; OR scoring at or above the benchmarks on the Career and Technical Education End-of-Program Assessment. 


In addition to Transition Readiness, high schools are also scored on their Graduation Rate, meaning the percentage of students who successfully complete requirements for graduation and attain their high school diploma.  Rowan County Senior High School, which also includes Bluegrass Discovery Academy, received a score of 88.7 (Very High) for Transition Readiness.  The high school’s Graduation Rate showed a slight improvement from last year’s 95.7 to this year’s 96.


Last spring, Rowan County Schools’ students in grades 3-8, along with thousands of students across the Commonwealth, completed KPREP tests that covered five different content areas: Reading, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Writing.


At the high school level, the scores from the annual ACT exam taken by all Kentucky high school juniors make up the Reading and Mathematics portion of the accountability scores at the high school. 


Of all the schools in the Rowan County School District, Tilden Hogge Elementary School made the most significant gains in the Proficient and/or Distinguished levels as well as reductions in the percentage of students scoring at the Novice level in all areas tested.  THES principal Brandy Breeze noted, “Educators at Tilden Hogge Elementary School are very pleased with the growth of our students.  We will continue to challenge each student individually in all academic areas.  According to 2018-2019 KPREP scores, THES reduced novices in all academic areas while increasing the percentage of proficiency in all academic areas.  This is the trend that we work toward during the planning and delivery of instruction every day at THES.  We are proud of our students’ hard work and look forward to another year of significant academic growth.”


“Even though there have been substantial changes in the Commonwealth’s accountability system, some things will remain consistent,” said Rowan County Schools Superintendent John Maxey.  “Students taking these assessments will still receive a performance level ranking of Novice, Apprentice, Proficient, or Distinguished.”


He then added, “District and school leadership teams members have met and discussed both the strengths and the concerns that exist at each school.  They have also begun making plans to address their needs so that all our students have the skills to be successful.”


To obtain more information about the 2018-2019 KPREP accountability scores, go to the Kentucky Department of Education’s School Report Card landing page at:



 “This year’s scores are a reflection of the work that our teachers and students have been doing.  Teachers work each day to provide intervention and help their students improve skills,” remarked Superintendent John Maxey.  “Just as our teachers and our students are working together, it is just as important everyone at every level work together to improve this District.”


He then added, “The administrators and I have been working diligently together to develop systems that will ensure that we have more cohesive, equitable and transparent district-wide processes and structures.  This also involves that we tighten up existing systems or create new systems around curriculum, assessment and instruction.”


Assistant Superintendent Julia Rawlings, who has been tasked with overseeing the District’s curriculum, has collaborated to develop walkthrough documents that will give teachers specific feedback on their teaching and monitoring progress of their students.  By having this feedback, teachers can better improve their teaching skills and how their students learn.


The creation of the Instructional Leadership Team, whose members have clearly defined roles and responsibilities, will provide support to teachers and their leaders in all the schools.


Ms. Rawlings stated, “Ensuring that we have a curriculum that is rigorous and literacy rich at all grade levels and in all content areas is important for the health of this District, but, more importantly, it is vital for our students as they follow the path to college and career readiness.”


She then added, “The District and schools are also piloting ‘Strategies,’ the new Improvement Planning process from KDE, that focuses on current and future needs to empower both school and district leaders to take ownership of their path toward continuous improvement.”


Supt. Maxey stated, “When our school and district leaders take ownership of their improvement, we believe that it encourages both our teachers and our students to do the same – to take pride in their schools, in the District.  This is why we are planning to work on a new District vision, mission and belief statements that will help each of us focus our work in moving the District forward.  As a District made up of 3-Star schools, we should be proud of our teachers and students, but we should not rest.  As shown in this year’s accountability reports, we understand that we have work to do to make the improvements needed.  This District has demonstrated that its students and staff know how to work together.  It is this cooperative attitude that will ensure that the educational excellence of our students.”

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