Dress Code

Rowan County Middle School (6-8) Code of Acceptable Behavior and Discipline


Nothing in this Code of Acceptable Behavior and Discipline should be construed as taking priority over sound judgment or doing the right thing. Every situation is not covered. There may be situations where good judgment will be the only regulation.

Dress Code

Dress Code


Inappropriate school dress in any style of clothing that would be disruptive to the educational process or to the safety of the students. Hair, clothing and/or accessories must not impede vision or movement which may lead to unsafe conditions for the individual or others. The following is a list of inappropriate dress:

1. Shirts, Blouses, Tops

a. No spaghetti straps, tube tops, or halter tops. Tops should cover the shoulder. “Dropped arm hole” clothing is not permitted. Tank tops or blouses must be worn beneath mesh, lace or other sheer fabric shirts/blouses/dresses, etc.

b. No shirts depicting pictures, language, statements or graphics that are obscene, racially or ethnically offensive, or pertain to drugs, alcohol, tobacco or sex, whether blatant or implied;

c. No shirts or blouses that are too short to cover the stomach and back at all times are allowed. Shirts must be able to be tucked in;

d. No tight fitting shirts are permitted and proper undergarments must be worn.

2. Pants, Shorts, Skirts

a. Waistbands of garments must be worn above the hips with no undergarments showing;

b. Tight fitting pants are permitted with appropriate length shirts.

c. Shorts and skirts must be appropriate in length so as to not draw undue attention to the wearer. Cuts/holes in pants should also not draw undue attention.

d. No inappropriate language or graphics (see shirts above);

e. No pajama type pants or shorts, or blankets allowed.

3. Shoes

a. No house shoes;

b. No rollerblades, Heelys, or retractable skates at any time.

4. Head coverings (only with approval of the building principal), no hats or bandanas.

a. No picks, combs, rakes or rollers.

5. Outerwear The following dress code guidelines apply specifically to the academic school hours and to school related field trips or events which are academically related. (Students participating in athletic events or social events shall follow dress code expectations related to those events.)