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McBrayer Elementary School
Addendum: School Wellness
This addendum to McBrayer Elementary’s Wellness Policy will consist of three components: 1) Celebrations, 2) Student Movement/Activity During the School Day, and 3) Affiliation with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.
On the first Friday of each month the whole school will celebrate ALL students who have a birthday in that month. For those students having their birthday in June, their celebration will be the last Friday of May, and those with birthdays in July will be celebrated the last Friday of August. Each of these days will be known as Birthday Celebration Day. A parent of any child celebrating a birthday in that month may bring a healthy snack on Birthday Celebration Day. The snack MUST meet the criteria in the Wellness Council’s guidelines. 
The students who are having a birthday during the month will form a committee to choose an activity to lead the class in. Some suggestions might be:
·         Play indoor/outdoor games of the committee’s choosing.
·         A special art project.
·         Extra recess time.
·         Special party games, ask parents to provide game supplies, pencils, erasers, school supplies, etc.
·         Create a healthy party idea book. Ask staff and parents to send in healthy recipes and ideas for activities, games and crafts.
Other ideas to Celebrate the Birthday Child
·         Instead of food, ask parents to purchase a book for the classroom in honor of birthday student.
·         Create “Celebrate Me” book. Have classmates write/draw something that is special about the birthday student.
·         Birthday student is teacher’s assistant for the day.
·         Dance party
·         Creative experiences such as art, music and cooking.
·         Honor the student with a special button, badge or crown.
Student Movement/Activity During the School Day
Students will be engaged in active movement for at least fifteen minutes every school day in addition to scheduled physical education and recess. 
All students start the day watching WME News, closed circuit student led announcements where the students lead the entire student body in Jammin’ Minutes.
Teachers will have access to Rainy Day Recess on United Streaming via the closed circuit network for active participation by students on days when it is impossible to go outside as well as exercise videos in the Library.
All classroom teachers will have physical activity cards with physical activities and games that can be performed in the classroom.
Professional Development will be available for teachers to gain knowledge of how to integrate physical activity in their curriculum using additional resources.
Affiliation with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation
There will continue to be affiliation with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation as the Wellness Council works to create a healthier atmosphere for the students on McBrayer Elementary.

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