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10. What Are the Public Services in Our Community?

Students learn about public services in local communities and around the world. In a Social Studies Skill Builder, students analyze artifacts related to six public services and then read about the services. They vote on the services they think are most important and use two kinds of graphs to display the voting results.

11. Who Works at City Hall?

Students learn about some of the main jobs and departments in the government of a community. In a Writing for Understanding activity, students read letters to a fictional city hall, choose the office that is best suited to deal with the issue raised in the letter, and write a short response. They then write a letter to a person in their own community government.

12. How Do We Have a Voice in Our Community?

Students learn about four ways for people to have a voice in their community. In a Visual Discovery activity, students use their acting skills to bring to life images of public meetings, peaceful demonstrations, support for candidates, and voting.

13. Whose Planet Is It, Anyway?

Students explore how communities can help to solve environmental problems. In a Response Group activity, small groups discuss solutions to three cases of communities faced with specific environmental problems. The groups then present their solutions to the class. Afterward, students find out what each community actually did to help solve the problem.

14. How Can We Help the Global Community?

Students learn about things they can do to help the global community. In a Problem Solving Groupwork activity, students design, present, and implement a class project to help the global community.

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