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Snack, Party, and Holiday Celebrations

Holiday, Birthday, and Snack Time

As a member of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation Healthy Schools Program, McBrayer Elementary strives to help our students make healthy lifestyle choices.  Currently, approximately 30% of children in the US are overweight or obese.  Simple steps now can help your children continue making healthier choices as adults. 
In addition to healthier lunch choices and increased physical activity during the school day, MES is also beginning a healthier birthday, snack, and party initiative.  Instead of sugary snacks, such as cupcakes, we are asking that parents choose a food from our list below OR if your child may choose a birthday activity from the list below instead of a snack.

Some Food Ideas:


Organic, low sugar cookies

Soft pretzels

Mini whole wheat bagels

Granola Bars

Mini apple, cinnamon, banana, bran or oatmeal muffins

Whole Wheat crackers and cheese

Fruit Kabobs/Fruit Skewers (strawberries, grapes and melon work well)

Fruit cups

Frozen yogurt with fresh fruit

Dried fruit mix

Fresh fruit: Watermelon, Apples, Clementines, Orange or apple slices, Grapes

Pineapple boats/chunks

Baked apples w/ cinnamon

Fruit smoothies (Yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit)

Frozen yogurt bars or sandwiches

Frozen fruit

Frozen fruit bars/pops

Yogurt cups with granola topping


Raw veggies and dip

Ants on a log (Celery with cream cheese topped with raisins)

Low-fat string cheese or cheese slices

Graham crackers/animal crackers

Cheese and whole grain crackers

Ingredients for low-fat, low sugar trail mix

100 calorie cookie snacks with 0 Trans Fats

Or a small bag of non-food items, pencils, etc.


Water bottles w/or w/out sugar free mixes

100% fruit juices

*****OUR GOAL IS to steer clear of high SUGAR, high FAT, and highly PROCESSED FOODS !*****

Possible Celebration Activities 


Free Choice Activities
Extra Recess Time
Dance Party
Parent visits classroom and reads a book to class
Goody bags to share with class (pencils, stickers, erasers, etc)
Parent purchases book in honor of child for classroom/ school library
Special Art Project (parent purchases materials)
Birthday child is Teacher assistant for the day
Parent planned scavenger hunt
Special games


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