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Brown’s Brainiacs: Classroom Newsletter

Important Dates:

  • September 14-28: Field Trip Fundraiser (see school news)
  • September 22: PTO Meeting 3:45 and 6:00P.M.
  • September 24: StoryTelling Festival
  • September 25: Heavenly Hats Day (see school news)
  • September 26: RC Football Game (see school news)
  • September 28: Individual student “Smart Goal” assessment (see class news)
  • October 1-2: No School
  • October 16: Fall Festival

School News:

  • Fundraiser-The PTO will pick up orders on Wednesday and Friday (September 23 and 25).  If you would prefer to donate money to field trips instead of selling items, two field trips costs approximately $25.00.
  • RC Football Game-From 5-6:30 P.M., McBrayer will be tailgating at school and directing a Corn Hole Tournament.  Come have some fun and then attend the RC football game!
  • Heavenly Hats Day- Donate $1.00 to wear your favorite hat to school and help provide new hats for cancer patients nationwide.
  • Track-If it is raining at 1:30, track will be cancelled, even if the weather improves later in the day. 

Classroom News:

  • September 28: Students have written an individual “Smart Goal” for learning.  We have set a date to determine if they have reached their goal on September 28.  Each day, students use class time to work on the Smart Goal they have written.  If your child is attending the DC trip, they will assess their smart goal on September 24th.
  • Homework: Students brought home an envelope with multiplication and division facts.  Students should begin to study the multiplication facts.  Other homework includes reading something they love and studying spelling words.

Learning Environment:

  • Reading: Students will continue a reading unit that focuses on comparing and contrasting two or more characters, settings, and plots.  Students will use a diagram similar to the one below to document plot.

  • Spelling: Please help your child study the words/definitions that have been placed in their student handbook.  Students will have a test each week on Wednesday for the definitions and spelling the words on Thursday.  Students who need to retake the spelling test may do so on Friday. 
  • Language Arts: Each morning, students work on language skills that include homonyms, quotation marks, commas, verb tense, plurals and possessives, contractions, adjectives and adverbs, root words, and prefixes and suffixes.  Students will occasionally bring these language folders home to share with you. 
  • Social Studies-Students will begin a unit of study on Native Americans.  We will compare and contrast the culture of groups in different regions
  • Math- During the next few weeks, our math class will be learning and practicing addition and subtraction of whole numbers and decimals. You can expect to see work that provides practice with adding and subtracting whole numbers and decimals, including money. Students will also estimate answers by rounding whole numbers and decimals to make sure the answers they find are reasonable.


  • Here is an activity that you can do with your child to help him or her add and subtract whole numbers and decimals.
  • Materials: Paper and pencil
  • Step 1: Display addition and subtraction exercises that involve numbers with different numbers of places, for example: 4.72  +  14.9   +  0.884      
  • Example: 7.86  -  4.23
  • Step 2: Have your child copy these exercises in place-value charts, using the columns to help him or her properly align the numbers. Also have your child use the place names as you guide him or her in talking through the steps and any regrouping (that is, “carrying” when you add or “borrowing” when you subtract).


Place Value Chart

























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