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Brown’s Brainiacs: Classroom Newsletter

Important Dates:

  • August 24: SBDM Meeting 4:14 at MES
  • August 27-September 17: MAP Testing
  • August 31: DIBELS Testing
  • September 7: Labor Day-No School
  • September 9: Grandparents Breakfast k-1
  • September 10: Grandparents Breakfast 2-5
  • September 15: Board Meeting 6:00 Central Office
  • September 24: StoryTelling Festival

School News:

  • Arrival-Teaching and learning begins at 8:05.  Teachers leave the drop off spot in the front at 7:50 to take their students to the room.  Other staff leave the drop off spot in the front at 8:05.  If you arrive after 8:05, you will need to walk your child into the building and sign them in.
  • Dismissal-When you come to pick up your child by car, please use the hill entrance.  This will help to ease traffic congestion along Viking Drive.
  • Track-If it is raining at 1:30, track will be cancelled, even if the weather improves later in the day. 
  • Boxtops-Please support McBrayer with Box Tops For Education and earn five bonus box tops when you subscribe to the Box Tops email newsletter. You’ll receive:  coupons for Box Top products, exclusive free sample offers, more bonus box top offers and weekly updates on our school earnings progress. Just go to BTFE.com/signup. Enter our Box Tops ID number so our school gets credit for the Bonus Box Tops. Our school ID number is 219914.

Classroom News:

  • Gym is on Wednesday and Thursday.  Please remind your child to bring sneekers/tennis shoes to wear on those days.
  • Homework: Students brought home an envelop with multiplication and division facts.  Students should begin to study the multiplication facts.  Other homework includes reading something they love and studying their spelling words.

Learning Environment:

  • Reading: Students will begin a reading unit that focuses on the theme, the underlying meaning of the story, and how characters respond to challenges.  Theme is often not stated explicitly, and students will look for evidence in the story to infer the theme.  All units of learning begin with a pretest to determine what students can do on their own, and after several weeks of instruction focused on helping each child grow, a posttest is given to determine growth. 
  • Spelling: Spelling is differentiated which means that some students have a different list then others.  Please help your child study the words/definitions that have been placed in their student handbook.  Students will have a test each week on Friday.  If we have a short week, like during fall break, students will not be given a list of words.
  • Language Arts: Each morning, students work on language skills that include homonyms, quotation marks, commas, verb tense, plurals and possessives, contractions, adjectives and adverbs, root words, and prefixes and suffixes.  Students will occasionally bring these language folders home to share with you.  Please make sure they return them to use the next day.  As I see growth of student understanding of these concepts over time, they will be given a test. 
  • Math- We are beginning a unit of learning on place value.  Students will learn about the place and value of numbers to the billions and about the place and value of decimal numbers.  Students will compare and order numbers, and write the standard, expanded, and word form of numbers.
  • Social Studies-Students will be using activity maps, raised relief maps, globes, and an atlas to learn about the relative and absolute location of continents and hemispheres and natural features on the earth.



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