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Brown’s Brainiacs: Classroom Newsletter

Important Dates:

  • November 23-December 14: Saving the Animals of Rowan (STAR) Service Learning Project (see Classroom News)
  • November 23-December 14: Food Drive (see School News)
  • November 23: SBDM Meeting 4:15
  • November 25-27: Thanksgiving Break-No School
  • December 1-18: MAP Testing
  • December 2: STAR’s Jan Dacci visits
  • December 3: Cookies with Santa (see School News)
  • December 4: Conservation Class
  • December 8: 3-4-5th Grade “Holidays Around the World” Night at Morehead Conference Center 6:00-7:00P.M.
  • December 10: Visit RCSHS for Culture Day (tentative)
  • December 14: Basketball Game at MSU
  • December 18: Christmas Party at 2:00 and “You’re My Favorite Gift” Breakfast

School News:

  • The Rowan County Senior High School Science Club will be hosting their annual Cookies with Santa Fundraiser on Thursday Dec 3rd from 4:30-6:30 in the Viking Café of the High School.  Tickets are $8.00 prior to the event or are $10.00 at the door. Your child’s admission will include: decorating a Root-a-baker cookie, making reindeer chow, making a souvenir ornament, having a picture with Santa and more!  You may purchase tickets in advance from ANY science club member or by contacting Melissa Jenkins at the high School.  All proceeds will go to Science Club Scholarship fund.
  • The leadership students at McBrayer have chosen to start a food drive to support the Food Bank and families at McBrayer.  Shopping carts have been set up in the school lobby to collect canned goods as well as boxed good items. 

Classroom News:

  • STAR: The fifth grade service learning project is Saving the Animals of Rowan (STAR)..  Our grade level will do this instead of exchanging Christmas gifts.  STAR is an organization committed to improving the conditions for the abandoned dogs of Rowan County, KY. Members work to find safe and loving homes or rescues for dogs that find themselves in the Rowan County Dog Pound. STAR members are dedicated to reducing the number of dogs euthanized due to the overcrowded conditions of this rural shelter. STAR is not the dog pound, but a VERY small group of caring people who save pound dogs. Our goal is to get dogs out of the pound and to the safety of a rescue or a new home.  A container to collect coins will be placed in each classroom.  Students may deposit coins to support STAR.
    • STAR can also use the following items for their efforts:  towels, blankets, throws, paper towels, bleach,  laundry detergent, gas cards.  These items can be brought to school any day. 
  • Homework: Students brought home an envelope with multiplication and division facts.  Students should begin to study the multiplication facts.  Other homework includes reading something they love and studying spelling words.


Learning Environment:

  • Reading:  Students will be writing a problem and solution essay with a compelling introduction, the problem, the solution, counter-arguments, counter-counter arguments, and a compelling conclusion.  We will also begin digging deeply into reading that uses cause and effect.
  • Spelling: Please help your child study the words/definitions that have been placed in their student handbook.  Students will have a test each week on Thursday for the definitions and spelling, and there will be a retake day on Friday if necessary. 
  • Language Arts: Each morning, students work on language skills that include homonyms, quotation marks, commas, verb tense, plurals and possessives, contractions, adjectives and adverbs, root words, and prefixes and suffixes.   
  • Social Studies-Students will continue a unit of study on Native Americans.  We will compare and contrast the culture of groups in different regions and discuss how they adapted to and modified their environment.
  • Science: During our study of the Grand Canyon, students have been involved in four science labs and connected ideas from each lab to important vocabulary: geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, weathering, erosion, constructive force, and destructive force to help us discover answers to the compelling question “How do Earth’s systems interact and how and why is Earth constantly changing?”  Students also made a brochure about the Grand Canyon!
  • Math- We will begin a unit on multiplying large numbers and decimals.





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