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Calendar Math
Calendar Math is a schoolwide program to review, introduce, and reinforce basic math skills.  Monday through Thursday, we will use manipulatives to practice basic math skills and strategies, and students will record their learning on the "Calendar Math Record Sheet" below.  On Friday, I will assess student understanding of the skills and strategies (the targets) that we have practiced.  Your child's Calendar Math Record Sheet may look different from another child's record sheet if they need to practice a skill or strategy more often. 

Students will be evaluated on their proficiency on each target: Mastery (+) = 80-100% of the time, Partial Mastery (√) = 70-79% of the time, and Not Mastered (-) = 69% or less of the time.

Number of the Day
Target: I can write the number of the day in the box.
Base Ten
Target: I can draw a picture of the base ten blocks that make this number.
Expanded Form
Target: I can write the value of each digit in the number.
   <   >   =
Target: I can write a sentence to tell if the number is greater than, less than, or equal to the number of the day.
Addition Problem
Target: I can find the sum.
Subtraction Problem
Target: I can find the difference.
Target: I can draw and write the time accurately.
Target: I can count the total amount of coins.
Target: I can record the temperature accurately.

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