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To enhance student engagement in the teaching and learning process, our classroom learning environment is structured to be flexible and supportive of individual student needs. 

  1. Students may be grouped with others who have similar needs and interests.
  2. Students are encouraged to explore concepts in depth and encouraged to complete independent studies or investigations.
  3. Students are encouraged to use thematic learning situations to connect learning across the curriculum.
  4. Students are provided with flexible seating arrangements.
  5. Students are encouraged to set their own learning goals, and then are provided with the opportunity to work towards those goals.
  6. The students and teacher have a contract with each other that outlines tasks to be completed, concepts to be learned, and the evaluation technique that will be used so students can be active participants in their learning.
  7. Students are evaluated individually instead of as a group.
  8. Students are provided alternative activities when work is completed early.
  9. Students are encouraged to make choices in their learning.
  10. The classroom is a learning-rich environment that includes a variety of resources, media, tasks, and methods of teaching.
  11. Students are allowed to take an assessment before starting a new unit to see what information is already familiar to them.
  12. Students are mobile as they move in and out of groups and tasks at their own pace.
  13. Students are encouraged to get involved in school clubs and extra curricular activities that support and extend their learning and experiences.
  14. Students and their ideas are accepted without being evaluated and criticized; risk-taking is encouraged. 
  15. Students are encouraged to use creative expression and thinking by allowing students to choose how to approach a problem or assignment.
  16. Students are encouraged to expand time for free reading.
  17. Students are invited to explore different points of view on a topic of study and compare the two.
  18. Students are provided learning centers where students are in charge of their learning.
  19. Students are encouraged to brainstorm with other students on the types of projects they would like to explore to extend what they’re learning in the classroom.
  20. Students are encouraged to determine where their interests lie and capitalize on their inquisitiveness.
  21. Students are asked higher level questions that require students to look into causes, experiences, and facts to draw a conclusion or make connections to other areas of learning.
  22. Students are encouraged to create and discover through the use of interesting literature and reference materials.
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