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Aug. 2012 2013 Meeting Minutes

McBrayer Elementary School
Site-Based Meeting
Regular Meeting
August 9, 2012                                                                                               5:00 PM
Meeting was called to order:
Members present were:  James Hay, Rhonda Banks, Nadine Melahn, Melody Schultz, and Nicole Powell (Secretary)
Non Voting Members Present: Mike Mathews and Glen Teager - Central Office, Brenda Carter; Curriculum Resource Teacher
I.                   Opening Business
*      Agenda was approved, with no additions, with a motion by Mr. Hay, seconded by Mrs. Melahn. All council members voted yes to the approval of the agenda.
*      Minutes from the July meeting were approved with a motion by Mr. Hay and seconded by Ms. Schultz.
*      Tim Simpson, parent at McBrayer Elementary, asked to make a public comment. Mr. Simpson is the point of contact for a Parent Leadership initiative through the Prichard Committee. Rowan County, Morehead State University, and the Prichard Committee are collaborating to offer parent workshops in Rowan County. The purpose of the workshops is to make parents more knowledge about what goes on in schools. Mr. Simpson asked us to help advertise these workshops. He also is asking us to recommend some parents to participate in the two-day workshop called Parent Leadership 101. He needs representation from all schools in the county. There also will be a free workshop for teachers called, Missing Piece. This workshop will outline how teachers can utilize parent volunteers in their school. All workshops will be in the Fall.
Good News Report
*      Mrs. Banks shared that we have had a wonderful first day of school. Everything seemed to have run smoothly.
*      The enrollment today was 447 students, grades 1-5 and 100 kindergarten students. 
*      Mrs. Banks stated that Open House was a success. At least 400 people attended.
II       Budget
*      Mrs. Banks stated the budget has been cut a little. However, it may adjust once enrollment is set in September. Mrs. Banks reviewed with the Council the various adjustments that had to be made in the budget. She reviewed with the Council each line item in the budget and how the money was used for that particular line item. James Hay made a motion to approve the budget and Melody Schultz seconded the motion. All members of the council voted yes to approve the budget.
*      Mrs. Banks reviewed with the Council the guidelines for field trips at McBrayer. She emphasized that field trips must relate to the curriculum that is being taught.
*       Mrs. Banks gave the council members the signature sheets for Managing Public Records and Your Duty Under the Law. She asked each Council member to read the documents that were emailed to them and sign them and return to her.
*      Mrs. Banks reviewed the Assessment Calendar for this school year and verified with the Council that it matches our Assessment Policy.
*      Mrs. Banks reviewed with the Council the new District Grading Policy. There was discussion about the retakes/redos part of the policy. Mrs. Banks shared with the Council that the Writing Program Review will be a focus for McBrayer this year. All Council members agreed they understood the assessment information and the new grading policy that Mrs. Banks shared with them.
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