2017-2018 Bus Route Information

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2017 – 2018   SCHOOL BUS  SCHEDULE




BUS NO.  2701   DRIVER:  JEAN HOUCK    5:55 A.M.  Pre-trip; 6:15 A.M. Mt. Hope Road; 6:20 A.M. Igo Road; 6:35 A.M. Pettit Road; 6:46 A.M. Mountainside Drive; 6:59 T.McKinney Rd; & Route 1274 (Pretty Ridge); 7:05 A.M. Route 1274 & 519; 7:06 A.M. Meadowood; 7:15 A.M. Clearfield School; 7:35 A.M. Middle School; 7:40 A.M. McBrayer School.

                                                              (BUTTERFLY) PM – CE/PS/CE           Larry Hood     

Turn Arounds: Woodlawn Rd; Mt. Hope Rd.; Igo Rd; Pettit Rd.; T.McKinney Rd.



BUS NO.  0504   DRIVER:  AMANDA HOLLORAN   5:30 A.M.  Pre-trip;  6:00 A.M. top of 519 Hill on Clack Mt. East;  6:05 A.M. Upper Lick Fork; 6:15 A.M. Lost Hill;  6:20 A.M. Berry Rd.;  6:40 A.M. end of Jones Ridge; 6:53 Nichols Branch; 7:00 A.M. Sugar Branch; 7:03 A.M. Fallen Timber; 7:07 A.M. Clearfield Hill (for Middle School);  7:15 A.M. Clearfield School; 7:30 A.M. Middle School.   

                                                                       (Duck)   PM - MS/CE           Mary Beth Fulkrod

  Turn Arounds:; end of Lost Hill Rd; Berry Rd; 4595 Jones ridge @ the end; Sugar Branch; Fallen Timber.



BUS NO.  0509   DRIVER:  LISA COLLINS    5:50 A.M.  Pre-trip;  6:43 A.M. Lambert Hollow;  6:50 A.M. Aberdeen Lane;  6:55 A.M. Riddle Fork;  7:02 A.M. Thomas Lane / Ravenswood Road;  7:04 A.M. Tower Road;  7:06 A.M. Dark Hollow;  7:07 A.M. Barber Road;  7:12 A.M. Sharon Dr.;  7:15 A.M. Clearfield School;  7:16 A.M. McBrayer;  7:19 A.M. Roxanne St.;    7:20 A.M. Fyrl Street; 7:40 A.M. Middle School; 7:45 A.M. McBrayer School.

                                                                                     (Ostrich) PM - MS/CE   Ruby Weaver

Turn Arounds: End of Lambert Hollow; 1610 Riddle Fork; end of Ravenswood; Dark Hollow



BUS NO.  0507   DRIVER:   Ivan Grimshaw  6:00 A.M. Pre-trip; 6:30 A.M. Old US 60(Farmers); 6:40 A.M. Idlewood Ln; 6:54 A.M. Airport Road; 6:58 A.M. C.Thompson Road; 7:00 A.M. Mapleview Road; 7:02 A.M. US60 West; 7:05 A.M. Nichole Ln; 7:15 A.M. US 60 West; 7:20 A.M. Clearfield School; 7:40 A.M. H. School. (PARROT) PM - HS/MES/CE Wendy Harris      

Turn Arounds: Pioneer Orchard; Airport Hill; C.Thompson Rd.; Hilltop Estates; Nichole Branch.  



BUS NO.  2706   DRIVER:  CHERYL GRIMES   5:49 A.M.  Pre-trip; 6:25 A.M. Weaver Ridge;    6:47 A.M. Oak Grove Road; 6:42 A.M. Blazer Drive; 6:48 A.M. Fletcher Drive; 6:53 A.M. Top of Dry Creek Hill; 7:09 A.M. Rose Street; 7:11 A.M. McBrayer Rd. (Dry Creek Estates) 7:15 A.M. Clearfield School; 7:25 A.M. Bluegrass Discovery Academy; 7:26 A.M. Pre-School.    (All non-Clearfield McBrayer Rd. pick-ups).   PM (CE shuttle students to Greene St., Day Care & Courthouse)                                            (DONKEY)  PM-ME/CE    Pam Bowman                                                                                                                     

Turn Arounds: Bowman Rd off Weaver Ridge; Goodman Rd. at Oak Grove.



BUS NO.  0408 DRIVER:  ROBERT JIMISON      5:40 A.M.  Pre-trip;   1st Run: 6:35 A.M. McBrayer Road; 6:40 A.M. Pack Estates; 6:45 A.M. McBrayer Rd.; 6:45A.M. Clearfield Apts.; 6:50 A.M. Kimberly Lane & 760 McBrayer Rd.; 6:55 A.M. Fall Lane 6:57A.M. Early Lane; 7:05A.M. Mills Branch; 7:15 A.M. Clearfield School.   (PM - 1st run Pretty Valley after Clearfield).

2nd Run:  7:20 A.M. Clearfield Hill; 7:25A.M. Roxanne St. & Fyrl St.; 7:28 A.M .McBrayer Rd.;   7:30 A.M. Clearfield School.                                   (Rabbit)  PM /CE     Samantha Lawson

Turn Arounds: end of Mcbrayer Rd. By the barn: end of Fall Lane:  Mill Branch South end by basketball goal @ the end.


BUS NO.  2102   DRIVER:   WILLY CAMPBELL   6:05 A.M.  Pre-trip;  6:20 A.M. Freestone;  6:25 A.M. Reynolds Road;  6:30 A.M. Bluestone Road;  6:35 A.M. Woodland Drive;  6:40 A.M. Circle Drive;  6:45 A.M. Coldiron Hollow;  6:50 A.M. Pleasant Valley;  7:05 A.M. Clearfield School;  7:40 A.M. High School7:45 A.M. McBrayer School;  7:50 A.M. Middle School.      (Bull Fork 3000 or less).            (FISH)    PM - HS/MS/CE               Cinda Caudill 

Turn Arounds:  Starlight Dr.; end of Reynolds Rd.; Freestone & Bull Fork Rd.; Coldiron Hollow @ top of hill; end of Pleasant Valley. 



BUS NO.  1201   DRIVER:  JAMES McKENZIE   6:15 A.M.  Pre-trip; 6:40 A.M. Lower 519; 6:45 A.M. Rifle Range Rd.; 6:50 A.M. Morris Road; 6:58 A.M. Morgan Fork Road; 7:05 A.M. Owens Road; 7:15 A.M. Clearfield School; 7:19 A.M. Pretty Valley; 7:29 A.M. Preschool & BDA; 7:45 A.M. High School 7:46A.M. McBrayer School: 7:55 A.M. Tilden Hogge. (Little Jenny’s Daycare #1).                 (Rooster)  PM - HS/McBrayer Rd. / CE       Christina Lewis

Turn Arounds:  End of Rifle Range Rd.; end of Morris Rd.; end of Owens Rd.




BUS NO.  1105 DRIVER:  TOBI CAUDILL  5:55 A.M. Pre-trip;  6:45 A.M. Buffalo Branch;  7:00 A.M. US 60 East;  7:05 A.M. Bramblewood Lane;  7:08 A.M. Planck’s (Countryside) Trailer Park:  7:12 A.M. Smith’s Trailer Park;  7:15 A.M. Rodburn School;  7:35 A.M. Pre-School;  7:40 A.M. leaves Pre-School back to Rodburn.   (Rodburn / Pre-School Shuttle Bus)

                                                                       (SHEEP)  PM - RE/PS/RE          Angela Holbrook

Turn Arounds: @ the end of Buffalo Br. Rd.; the end of Bramblewood Lane



BUS NO.  141   DRIVER:  LESTER MAPLES    6:00 A.M.  Pre-trip County Line; 6:42 A.M. Eden Hollow; 6:51 A.M. Knipp Hollow; 7:04 A.M. Little Perry Road; 7:21 A.M. Rodburn School; 7:50 A.M. High School; 7:55 A.M. Middle School (After the Fire Department) 

                                                                            (MONKEY)  PM - HS/RE   Alfreda Puckett     

Turn Arounds:  End of Eden Hollow; end of Knipp Hollow; end of Little Perry Rd.



BUS NO.  2702    DRIVER:  ARNETTA STATON     5:30 A.M.  Pre-trip; 6:10 A.M. Rodburn School; 6:35 A.M. Lower Caney; Mabry Ridge; 6:45 A.M. Trent Ridge; 6:47 A.M. Rainbow Road; Cornett Road (at Cornett Rd. & Trent Ridge); 6:55 A.M. Kegley Ridge; 7:00 A.M. Brown Ridge; 7:18 A.M. Rodburn School.     (Morehead Estates PM only)

                                                                 (CAMEL)  PM - HS/”old” MS/RE    Helen Griggs

Turn Arounds:   Lower Caney; Rainbow Rd; Kegley Ridge by Atkins Cemetery Rd.   



BUS NO.  1104    DRIVER:  LYNDON PERRY   6:00 A.M.  Pre-trip; 6:30 A.M. C.C.C. Trail;  6:43 A.M. Rosedale;  6:57 A.M. Ditney Ridge; 7:05 A.M. C.C.C. Trail at Rt. 32;  7:15 A.M. Carpetland; 7:18 A.M. Munchkin Academy; 7:20 A.M. Rodburn School; 7:40 A.M. High School; 7:45 A.M. Middle School.          (BAT)  PM - MS/RE   Beth McClurg

Turn Arounds: End of Rosedale Rd; Fox Den Subdivision; end of Ditney Ridge.



BUS NO.  1101    DRIVER: FRANK GOSS  6:05 A.M.  Pre-trip; 6:35 A.M. Triplett View Apts.; 6:45 A.M. M.S.U. Lakewood Terrace; 6:50 A.M.  Pettit Ave. & Tolliver Addition; 6:55 A.M. Old U.S. 60 East & Rodburn Hollow; 7:15 A.M.  Morehead Estates (AM only);    7:25 A.M. Rodburn School; 7:45 A.M.  High School.       (DRAGONFLY)  PM - HS/RE

                    (P.M. RE students only to MSU)  PM Susan Konrad       

Turn Arounds: City Garage Triplett St; Rodburn Hollow @ the end of road.



BUS NO.  1202    DRIVER:  Diehl Ackerman    6:00 A.M.  Pre-trip;  6:25 A.M.  L. Cooper Road;  6:33 A.M. Stigall Road; 6:45 A.M. Brinegar Road; 6:54 A.M. Open Fork Road; 7:06 Walkers Branch; pick up all of 32 from 504 to Seas Branch; 7:15 A.M. Rodburn School.                                                  (MOOSE)   PM - MS/”old” MS/RE   Melissa Wilson 

Turn Arounds: L. Cooper Rd. at the end; Stegall Rd. at end of blacktop; Brineiger Rd. by Cemetery: Open Fork to New Cill Cemetery Rd.



BUS NO.  2403    DRIVER:  DON HORTON   5:55 A.M.  Pre-trip; 6:10 A.M. Lower Craney Road; 6:16 A.M. Lower Oak Grove Road; 6:21 A.M. Upper Craney Rd; 6:28 A.M. Quisenberry Road; 6:35 A.M. Gullet Road; 6:38 A.M. Oak Grove Rd.; 6:47 A.M. Williams Branch; 6:50 A.M. Woodhill Dr.; 7:15 A.M. Rodburn School; 7:40 A.M. Clearfield School.      (Bird) PM - CE/RE   Jeanette Burbank                                                                                                                                                                        

Turn Arounds: Lower Craney Creek Rd.; Lower Oak Grove Rd.; Upper Craney Rd.; Quisenberry Rd.; Gullet Rd. @ Mort Campbell’s house; end of Wood hill Dr.



BUS NO.  2708    DRIVER:  JAMES McGLONE   6:15 A.M.  Pre-trip; 6:30 A.M. Hitch/McGlone Road & Old T-Gas Road; 6:38 A.M. Route 173 to Elliott Co. Line; 6:55 A.M. Conn Road; 7:00 A.M. View Ln; 7:05 A.M. Route 32 & Rt. 173; 7:11 A.M. Veterans Lane; 7:25 A.M.  Rodburn School;  7:45 A.M. Middle School.   (FLAMINGO)  PM - MS/RE    Jennifer Pollitt          (Mid-Day - Marsha Davis & Melissa Wilson)                

Turn Arounds:   Rt.32 & Elliott Co. Line; Conn Rd at Elliott Co. Line; Veterans Lane at end of lane.



BUS NO. 2707    DRIVER: RICK BUTLER      5:45 A.M. Pre-trip; 6:20 A.M. New Sill Cemetery at Seas Branch;  6:35 A.M. Ruben Road:  6:39 A.M. Old House Creek;  6:44 A.M. Cold Springs Road; 6:51 A.M. Pattie’s Lick;  7:05 A.M. Lee Branch;  7:13 A.M. Delta Lane; pick up from Seas Branch to Carpet Land on 32.;  7:17 A.M. Rodburn School; 7:44 A.M. Middle School; 7:49 A.M. McBrayer.                                                                          (FROG)    PM - ME/RE   Katie May

Turn Arounds: End of Old House Creek Rd.; Boyd lane off Old House Creek; 850 Cold Springs;1015 Patty’s Lick ; Lee Branch; Delta Lane.



BUS NO.  0607    DRIVER:  SARA ADKINS   6:00 A.M.  Pre-trip; 6:35 A.M. Route 174; 6:43 Leadbetter Hill; 6:48 A.M. Tunnel Cut Loop; 6:55 A.M. Open Fork Road; 7:02 Bearskin; 7:06 A.M.  Haldeman Heights; 7:25 A.M. Rodburn School; 7:35 A.M.  Middle School. (Deer)-MS/RE  Shelby Burton

Turn Arounds: New Cill Cemetery; 390 Halderman Heights top of hill.



BUS NO. 144 DRIVER:  RONALD SKAGGS    6:00 A.M.  Pre-trip; 6:41 A.M. Big Perry Road; 7:00 A.M. Hamilton Road; 7:02 Lafayette Road; 7:05 A.M. US 60 East ; 7:25A.M. Rodburn School; 7:40 A.M.  High School; 7:45 A.M. Middle School. (To the Fire Dept….6400) (KANGAROO)PM-HS/ME/RE                                                                                             High School Monitor

Turn Arounds: Fire Trail @the top of Big Perry Hill; Hamilton Rd.; Lafayette Rd. left, back down U.S. 60 to Rodburn Elementary.                                             




BUS NO.  0502    DRIVER:   ELIJAH FULTZ    6:00 A.M. Pre-trip; 6:20A.M. Bus Garage; 6:23 A.M Cranston Rd.; 6:27 A.M.  Dreamweaver; 6:29 A.M. Pond Lick; 6:37 A.M. 570 Pond Lick; 6:40 A.M. Cranston Cemetery Road; 6:55 A.M. Clearfork Road; 7:12.A.M.Cranston Rd.;  7:15 A.M. Tilden Hogge School;  7:40 A.M. Pre-School.   (Dinosaur)  PM - PS/TH   Martha Temple                                                                                                   

 Turn Arounds: Pond Lick Rd. at the Williams Mansion; 4500 Clearfork Rd.



BUS NO.  176   DRIVER:  DOUG BINION    6:15 A.M.  Pre-trip; 6:30A.M. Caudill Cemetery Rd.; 6:35 A.M. Rt. 158; 6:40 A.M. Hickory Point; 6:46 A.M. The Lakes at Hickory Pointe; 6:49 A.M. Park Hills;  7:01 A.M. Mellwood Lane; 7:05 A.M. Grassy Lick; 7:12 A.M. Emory Branch; 7:20 A.M. Tilden Hogge School; 7:40 A.M. Middle School.  ()  PM - MS/TH/ME/HS/MS   AM Irene Toy & Michele Maltby   (All MS TH students drop-off on Cranston Rd PM)  

Turn Arounds: Country Estates; Grassy Lick Rd.



BUS NO.  2704    DRIVER: CLARKE THOMAS 6:00 A.M.  Pre-trip; 6:15 A.M. Bus Garage; 6:18 A.M. Flemingsburg Rd. North; 6:29 A.M. Jackson Cemetery Road; 6:33 A.M. Maxie Flat Rd; 6:49 A.M. North Bulls Fork Rd; 6:51 A.M. Hyatt Lane; 6:56 A.M. Pine Hill Subdivision; 7:00 A.M. end of Dusty Rd.; 7:05 A.M. end of Valley Rd; 7:11 A.M. Old Hilda Rd; 7:15 A.M. Litton Road; 7:20 A.M. Middle School; 7:23 A.M. High School; 7:25 A.M. McBrayer; 7:44 A.M. Tilden Hogge School.     

                                                                   (DOLPHIN)  PM - THME/HS/MS   Debbie Prather         

Turn Arounds: Dead-end Jackson Cemetery. Rd.; end of Valley Rd; end of Dusty Rd; Litton Rd.




BUS NO.  1103    DRIVER:   SCOTT GLOVER    5:50 A.M.  Pre-trip; 6:20 A.M. Elk Lick Road;  6:25 A.M. Planck Chapel Road; 6:30 Dry Branch Road; 6:41 A.M. Campbell’s Branch Road; 6:43 A.M. Masters Cemetery Rd.;  6:46 A.M. Wild Turkey; 6:53 A.M. Holly Fork Road; 6:59 A.M. Burton Branch Road; 7:07 A.M. Pine Grove Rd.& Big Perry Rd.;  7:15 A.M. Tilden Hogge School.                                                             (GOOSE)  PM – TH   Rebecca Pollitt

Turn Arounds: End of Plank Chapel Rd.; end of Pine Grove Rd at the log house; Burton

Branch; end of Stone Rd.; top of hill at Wild Turkey Rd.



BUS NO.  0505:   DRIVER:   DAVE CLARK     6:00 A.M.  Pre-trip; 6:25 A.M.  Cranston Road; 6:50 A.M. Barn Branch; 6:52 A.M. Kinder Branch; 7:00 A.M. Rowan/Lewis Co. Line; 7:06 A.M. Buckner Road; 7:11 A.M. Poplar Hollow; 7:15 A.M. Estepp Rd; 7:25 A.M. Tilden Hogge School; 7:45 A.M. High School; 7:50 A.M. Middle School.  (Dog)  PM - HS/MS/TH  (PM picks up only 2202 route MS students at MS).                                                                            Leashia Caudill

 Turn Arounds: Stacy Rd.; Plank Rd; Burton Br.; Poplar Hollow Rd; Driveway on Butternut Lane.                                                                             



BUS NO.  143   DRIVER:  JACK TACKETT    6:00 A.M. Pre-trip; 6:39 A.M. Rock Fork; 6:41 A.M. Island Fork Rd,; 6:55 A.M. Buttermilk Branch; 7:11 A.M. 377 to Tilden Hogge; 7:15 A.M. Tilden Hogge School; 7:25 RT.377 Cranston Rd.; 7:26 A.M. Old Rt.32; 7:40 A.M .Viking Dr.; 7:45 A.M. High School;  7:48 A.M. McBrayer School; 7:50 A.M. Middle School   (COW) PM - HS/ME/TH    Leesa Glover                                                                                          

  Turn Arounds:  End of Rock Fork; Island Fork; two turns on Buttermilk Branch.   




BUS NO.  142  JOYCE FULTZ  DRIVER:       6:20 A.M.  Pre-trip; 6:55 A.M.  Boone Hollow; 7:00 A.M. Walton Ave.; 7:05 A.M. Clearfield St.; 7:08 A.M. Green St.; 7:10 A.M. W. Main St.

 & 519; 7:12 A.M. W. First St.;  7:15 A.M. Heights Ave.;  7:18 A.M. Center St.;   7:20 A.M. S. Blair Ave.;  7:30 A.M. Pre-School;  7:40 A.M. High School:  7:45 A.M. McBrayer School;  7:50 A.M. Middle School.  LADYBUG)   PM - ME/HS/MS/PS     Marsha Davis




BUS NO.  2502   DRIVER:  TIMOTHY PIGMAN   6:00 A.M.  Pre-trip; 6:30 A.M. Rice Road; 6:44 A.M. Rice Loop; 6:50 A.M. Moore’s Flat; 6:55 A.M. Hillside View Rd.; 7:00 A.M. Triplett Creek Rd.; 7:05 A.M. Old 801 North : 7:15 A.M. Ky. 801 & US60; 7:20 A.M. Pre-School Center; 7:39 A.M. High School 7:41 A.M. McBrayer School; 7:47 A.M. Middle School.    

                                                           (Giraffe) PM - ME/HS/MS/PS AM/PM         Mathew Malby

Turn Arounds: End of Hibiscus Ln.; Justamere Ln.; Morris Flatt between pillars; 2nd St. (Culprit St.) in Hillside View; Romans Rd.1st drive, first house.



BUS NO.  2401   DRIVER:  DOUG VAUGHAN   6:00 A.M. Pre-trip;  6:35 A.M. Bluebank Road;  6:40 A.M. Lower Licking Road & Bluebank Road;  7:00 A.M. Greenbend Road;  7:05 A.M. Cookbranch;  7:10 A.M. US 60 West;  7:30 A.M. Pre-School Center;  7:40 A.M. Middle School;  7:45 A.M. High School;  7:50 A.  M. McBrayer School. (Church part of Old US 60 West).                                                                     (PANDA) PM- HS/ME/MS/PS  Carleen Campbell

Turn Arounds: Fleming Co. Line; Cook Branch.



BUS NO.  1102   DRIVER:  MYUNGSUN KIM    6:00 A.M.  Pre-trip; 6:23 First Impressions; 6:37 A.M. Eagle Dr.; 6:40 A.M. Bluebank;  6:42 A.M. State Rt. 801 North; 6:45 A.M. Dogwood Estates; 6:50 A.M. State Rt. 158 (Sharkey Store); 6:55 A.M. Ellington Loop;7:00 A.M.  Mitchell Lane; 7:02 A.M. Limousine Lane; 7:04 A.M. Sharkey Road; 7:15 A.M. Middle School; 7:20 A.M.  High School; 7:25 A.M. McBrayer School.  (TURTLE) PM –MS/HS/ME                              Sherry Mayse                                                 

Turn Arounds: Bluebank Rd, 3-Way Stop; Eagle Trace Golf Course @ last house; Mitchell Lane at the end.



BUS NO.  1203   DRIVER:   KIMBERLEY DENNEY   6:00 A.M.  Pre-trip;   6:42 A.M. Mynhier Rd/Streamview Ln; 6:47 A.M. Hill-N-Dale; 6:52 A.M. First St; 6:55 A.M. N. Wilson Ave; 7:00 A.M. Knapp Ave; 7:15 A.M. Pre-School; 7:30 A.M.High School; 7:35 A.M. MCBrayer School; 7:40 A.M. Middle School.    (SEAL)  PM –TH/ Tech. Sch./ME/HS/MS/PS  Kristen Douglas

Turn Arounds; Hill-N- Dale; N. Wilson Av. & Timber Lane; Knapp Av. & Sherwood Forest.



BUS NO.  1204 DRIVER:  GREG DeROSSETT    6:00 A.M.  Pre-trip;   6:15 A.M. Summer Woods Rd; 6:20 A.M. Sugar Loaf Mt. Road; 6:30 A.M. Bulls Fork Rd North; 6:43 A.M. Little Road; 6:48 A.M. Bratton Loop; 6:51 A.M. Bratton Branch; 6:57 A.M. West Woods/Bear Path; 7:00 A.M. Logan Hollow Road; 7:06 A.M.  Jackson Road; 7:10 A.M. Copperas Hollow; 7:15 A.M. Middle School; 7:20 A.M. High School; 7:30 A.M. McBrayer School; 7:40 Pre-School leave 7:45; 7:50 Clearfield School       (Bull Fork 3000 or more to Hyatt Lane).                           (Goat)  PM – PS/ME//HS/MS   Debbie Kidd

Turn Arounds: Summer Woods at Stellar Ln.; Westwood Subdivision; Jackson Dr. & Smokey Mt. Rd.



BUS NO.  1106   DRIVER:  BILL BURNS   6:00 A.M. Pre-trip; 6:21 A.M. Bigwoods Road; 6:23 A.M. Paris Lane; 6:27 A.M.  Bigwoods Road; 6:30 A.M. Hazeltree Lane; 6:37 A.M. Kodiak Road; 6:40 A.M. Bigwoods Road/Paris Lane; 6:44 A.M. Big Brushy Road; 6:53 A.M. Deer Lick Rd.; 7:03 A.M. Pennington Flat; 7:13 A.M. St. Route 32; 7:16 A.M. Middle School; 7:18 A.M.  High School; 7:20 A.M. McBrayer School.  (RHINO)PM - MS/HS/ME      Karen Arthur                                                                                                                      

Turn Arounds: End of Paris Lane; Hazel Tree Ln; Big Woods & Kodiak; top of Kodiak; Shiloh Rd.;  end of blacktop on Deer Lick Rd.




BUS NO. 2501   DRIVER:   KELLY FORD   6:00 A.M.  Pre-trip; 6:18 A.M. North Fork Mobile      Home Park; 6:25 A.M.  Pine Ridge Apts; 6:35 A.M. Fraley Dr; 6:38 Quail Hollow; 6:40 Jewell Lane; 6:45 A.M.  Whittaker St.; 6:50 Divide Hill; 6:53 A.M. Old Flemingsburg Road; 7:00 A.M. Heritage Place/Rawcell Hts.; 7:05 A.M. Perry Street:  7:15 A.M. Pre-School Center;   7:30 A.M. McBrayer School; 7:32 A.M. High School; 7:35 A.M. Middle School.

                                (TURKEY)  PM - HS/ME/MS/PS   AM Gary Goodrich/PM HS Monitor

Turn Arounds: Pine Ridge Apt. Parking Lot; Skaggs Rd.;  Meadowood Rd.; Whitaker St.



 BUS NO. 2705 DRIVER: MIKE KASH 6:00 A.M. Pre-trip;6:20 A.M. White Mtn. Tr.Pk.; 6:25 Hooks Store;6:30 A.M. Chaps Hill; 6:35A.M. Carey Cem. Rd.; 6:40 A.M. Lakewood Dr.; 6:45 A.M. Ridgeway Dr; 6:50 A.M. Wildflower Ln.; 6:53 A.M. Hunters Ln.; 7:00A.M. Beloxi; 7:20 A.M. High School; 7:22 A.M. McBrayer School; 7:30 A.M. Middle School        HS Monitor                                                                                               

                                                                             PM Only –Rt.32 to Monster Fitness Gym.

                                                                        (Alligator) PM - MS/HS/ME

 Turn Arounds: Carey Cemetery Rd; Whispering Oaks: Wildflower Lane; Hunters Lane; end of Beloxi.



BUS NO. 2202 Driver:           WAL-MART            (PM Only)

                                                                                PM -MS/HS/ME     Irene Toy                                                                                                                                        

Turn Arounds: Mouth of Reynolds Rd.



BUS NO. 2201   DRIVER:   DAY CARE BUS    (PM Only)   (Cat) PM - RE/PS   



SPECIAL NEEDS BUSES    are routed as needed:


BUS NO. 1205    DRIVER:   LISA ROMANS         (PELICAN)       Marsha Sanders


BUS NO. 178    DRIVER:   RICHARD JENKINS    Miranda Butler AM/PM  



          TammyKronmueller/KatieMay     (Mid-Day)


BUS NO. 2901 DRIVER:  JODY LEADINGHAM               (ROADRUNNER)   BarbRoyse  


                                                               BLACK = Bus #’s, Drivers and AM Route

                                                               RED = Monitor                                             

                                                                BLUE = PM School Pick-up

                                                               GREEN = Animal Sign

                                                                RED = Turn Arounds

                                                                AM/PM = AM/PM PRESCHOOL BUSES    


   All routes are subject to change

                                                                                                  Rev. 08-11-17  


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